fitishwomanlogoMaybe you can relate? I like the idea of being fit and healthy and love food even more! I’ve had a lifelong desire to get fit and healthy while living with the autoimmune condition of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and a family history of heart failure, strokes and Dementia and have used every excuse under the sun to avoid exercise. I have faced a daily struggle with food addiction, self esteem issues and yo-yo dieting.

My personal experiences, struggles and challenges have now helped me to take charge of my own health and make decisions as CEO of my health. I’m a living work in progress, striving to achieve my personal best but keeping it real, not perfect. If I can help just one person – YOU – then it’s all worth it. I know together we can achieve more than we can by continuing to struggle on our own. THIS IS NOT A QUICK FIX DIET APPROACH THAT CUTS OUT YOUR SOCIAL LIFE.

Fitish Woman offers you a life-long ‘tool kit’ of self-management, healthy lifestyle information, support and accountability resulting in a better you as Fitish Woman. Ready to take control of your own health? You’re in the right place!