Give up hope? Never!

Fitish Woman is thrilled to have Guest Speaker, Marie Chronopoulos, at the High Tea of Hope on Sunday July 30.

“I refer to Marie as ‘The Living Miracle’ said Adrianne Katmadas, AKA Fitish Woman, host of the High Tea to be held at Capri by Fraser, Brisbane. Now at 50 years of age, Marie is a mum of 4, grandmother to 2 and has survived cancer not once, but twice.

Dare to Choose, A Journey of Self Healing, is a self help book which chronicles Marie’s 9 year cancer journey, from the age of 41, recounting the moments following the life-changing news when she was told by doctors she had Myxoid Liposarcoma and the incredible life transformation that she underwent to take back control of her body and her fate, turning her disease into an opportunity to become the best version of herself; stronger, healthier and more open to belief and love.

In December 2014, Marie was facing a battle with her second round of Sarcoma, the first of which had almost taken her life, and had claimed her hipbone, lymph nodes and femur.

The second gave her zero chance of recovery and basically a death sentence if she didn’t agree to a procedure which would take a third of her stomach, her pancreas, her bowel and bile duct, all of her gall bladder, and attempt to remove the tumour.

Within 4 months of surviving two bouts of cancer, including an extremely rare form of cancer, Marie returned to her gym addiction and to the career she loves, as a Senior Safety Advisor in mining and construction, currently working in Perth.

She is a perfect example of what’s possible when you’re faced with the impossible, having won the battle against a cancer so rare, it represents only 1% of all cancers. A cancer so rare, there’s no research on it and doctors don’t know much about it.

When asked what made her want to write her first book, Dare to Choose, Marie said she wanted to share with others and to help cheer them on through their journey no matter what adversities they are facing.

“Writing this book has reinforced how powerful we truly are,” she said. She wants readers to understand that no matter what they are facing or going through in life, they have the power to make changes and create new miracles in their lives by choosing to change the story they are believing and telling themselves.

“I not only set out to make healthy choices and changes in my life to overcome a dreadful disease, I also achieved everything I choose to believe. I achieved my goals which ultimately helped me fulfil my dreams.”

Life is about choices, believing in yourself, and having the courage to face all of your fears. No matter what
we are facing it’s up to you how you react, what you accept, and what you believe.
Marie follows a low carb diet and chose to give up sugar to give herself the best chance of beating the cancer. The High Tea of Hope menu is decadent yet healthy, with no sugar, no gluten and no dairy.

“I have learnt to never give up no matter what you are facing, I have grown into someone that I’m very proud to be, I am not afraid of being me or by myself.

“I am more grateful now than I have ever been because of this experience, because of this journey. I choose to live life on my terms.”

Marie defines a strong woman and will be sharing her success story with us and inspiring us to never give up hope.

The High Tea of Hope will also be supporting Save the Box, by having a lucky draw raffle with some fabulous prizes including 1 night’s accommodation at Capri by Fraser, Brisbane and $100 Coffee Club Cash. Funds raised will go to helping gynaecological cancer research and enabling women to be placed on clinical trials in the hope of finding a cure.

What choices are you making today? Most of us only get one chance in life.

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